Upgrading DC-10 simulator visual system at Västerås Flight Museum

Upgrading DC-10 visual system at Västerås Flight Museum

The Univisual installation team is planing and designing for an upgrade of the DC-10 simulator at Västerås Flight Museum next week. We are upgrading to our Warpalizer software and installing three new FullHD (1920×1080) projectors for bigger view (220 degree horizontal field-of-view) and higher resolution image.


SimCenter Full motion Boeing 737-800 with upgraded visual system to Warpalizer 3.0

SimCenter at Lelystad Airport has upgraded there Full motion Boeing 737-800 simulators visual system to Warpalizer 3.0 from Univisual Technologies.

It is now possible to run both day and night scenarios with perfect image and no overlap issues with the Deep Black Overlap module and the Warpalizer software.

The UniScreen 180 is just released!

The UniScreen 180 is a complete super compact Visualization system and it contains the following components:

* One 180 degree screen with projector mounts

* Three compact LED projectors (20.000 hour lamp time)

* Three external short throw lenses

* One tower computer with a high performance graphic card

* 5.1 sound system

* All the cables needed

* Our Warpalizer software that comes pre set to create the seamless image.

We sell the hole system for 6980 EURO