Boeing 737-800 simulator now running Warpalizer

Boeing 737-800 simulator now running Warpalizer

New projection screen installation with Warpalizer done by the Univisual Technologies´╗┐ installation team. The installation was done for AviPro AB in Gothenburg (Landvetter) and the simulator is a Boeing 737-800 with a cylindrical screen that covers 200 degrees horizontal field-of-view projected by three FullHD (1920×1080) projectors.


SimCenter Full motion Boeing 737-800 with upgraded visual system to Warpalizer 3.0

SimCenter at Lelystad Airport has upgraded there Full motion Boeing 737-800 simulators visual system to Warpalizer 3.0 from Univisual Technologies.

It is now possible to run both day and night scenarios with perfect image and no overlap issues with the Deep Black Overlap module and the Warpalizer software.