To get price information about Warpalizer or our services please send an e-mail with a short description of your company or organization and the application and/or system to sales@univisual.se


We have an evaluation software package for both DirectX and OpenGL we can send by email or Sprend to you.

Please send a request to sales@univisual.se



Please send an order to sales@univisual.se

You may pay by cash transfer or through PayPal.

You will need a dongle to make the software permanently operational. The dongle will be shipped by first class mail to the address given in your order no later than 3 working days after the payment has been received.

Shipment by courier service is also available.


Download complete Terms and Conditions

2 comments on “PURCHASE

  1. Dear Sir : I would like to have Warpalizer price list as below:
    I have making A flight simulator for a funfair and i want to project a flight film on half of a spheroid (dome) with 8 seats & full motion( vertical & horizontal & axial rotation like a gyroscope. now I need a package of your company (dome ). please help me that minimum what i need & how much is cost . notice that I’m a mechanic engineer & i live in Iran and unfortunately because of embargo i can’t receive any big package by normal shipping ,or inviting your company to Iran.thanks a lot for your kindness.

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