Warpalizer Client


The software, called Warpalizer™, creates seamless images on flat or curved screens with multiple projectors. Warpalizer supports any number of channels/projectors and any number of row configuration in addition to the polar cap. The Warpalizer supports any number of channels from one single graphic card, inclusive generation of both horizontal and vertical overlaps. The Warpalizer supports 2D, 3D and both passive and active stereo applications.The Warpalizer runs on standard PC hardware and stands out in the market place through its impressive specifications, its projection quality and its very powerful and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI). The GUI offers a step by step procedure of the installation and set-up processes as well a dashboard for daily operation.The Warpalizer supports both DirectX and OpenGL applications ant both versions supports all resolutions and framerates offered by the graphics card used. The added latency is just 0.1 milliseconds.


Warpalizer Server

  The Warpalizer Server is used in multi IG systems where you use multiple PC to produce the total graphical view.The Server can connect any number of Warpalizer Clients and can control all the Client functions.When you are finished with the setup you do not need to have the Server connected for the system to function.The Server can run from a Laptop connected to the LAN through cable or wireless. The Server finds the Clients automatically.


Warpalizer Android App


The Warpalizer Android Application is an advanced wireless remote control of the Warpalizer Client.

The application can be used to fine tune and you can move around your setup and make sure that it looks prefect from all possible positions.

You can also use the application to perform a complete setup of the Warpalizer Client.

Download the Brochure

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  1. Do we have a possibility of warping and blending with multi channel from a single computer and interfacing and controlling from a server all channels

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