F18 Super Hornet simulator at i-Way France with Warpalizer

Univisual Technologies  is proud to announce that Warpalizer was selected to achieve seamless projection in 3 ea F-18 Flight Simulators in Lyon, France. The visual system offers a HFOV of 220 deg and a VFOV of +90/-50 deg. Each channel is driven by a seperate Image Generator.  The simulation software is the Prepar 3D by Lockheed Martin.DomeSim2

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Certified Warpalizer Installer

Certified Warpalizer Installer

Univisual Technologies now offer courses to become Warpalizer Installer Certified. The training takes place at the Univisual head office in Stockholm where we have a demo center with curved screens and different projector setups.

Here is an overview of the course plan:

GUI overview
Get to learn your way around the Warpalizer GUI.
– Set number of channels
– Edit warping, edge blend and overlap
– Save, Load, Undo, Redo
Quick Setup
Show how the click procedure in Quick Setup works.
Fine tune
Get to know all the functions for fine tuning the
warping meshes and edge blend meshes.
– Move row, column, all
– Change control point.
– Press Shift to get higher precision with both
keyboard and mouse.
Single view warping
Explains the difference between 2D content warping
and single view warping.
Multi view warping
Show a Warpalizer setup with a three view setup.

Add edge blends
Shows how you add new edge blends and what they
can be used for.
AutoLineUp (ALU)
Setup a ALU system with two cameras and get to
know how you create a ALU-setup.
Tips and tricks
– Select a channel from the SetupWindow
– Change mesh with keyboard
A quick walk through of the WarpalizerConfig.xml
Black level
Show how you add black level compensation areas
in DesktopWarpalizer.

For more information contact: sales@univisual.se


Upgrading DC-10 simulator visual system at Västerås Flight Museum

Upgrading DC-10 visual system at Västerås Flight Museum

The Univisual installation team is planing and designing for an upgrade of the DC-10 simulator at Västerås Flight Museum next week. We are upgrading to our Warpalizer software and installing three new FullHD (1920×1080) projectors for bigger view (220 degree horizontal field-of-view) and higher resolution image.


Boeing 737-800 simulator now running Warpalizer

Boeing 737-800 simulator now running Warpalizer

New projection screen installation with Warpalizer done by the Univisual Technologies installation team. The installation was done for AviPro AB in Gothenburg (Landvetter) and the simulator is a Boeing 737-800 with a cylindrical screen that covers 200 degrees horizontal field-of-view projected by three FullHD (1920×1080) projectors.