Univisual Technologies Nordic AB is a Swedish based software development company offering a base line of products, called Warpalizer, that can be used for a wide range of products in the Visualization, Simulation, Entertainment, Advertisement and Control Room Industries.

The company was founded by a group of individuals having a vast experience from these industries and the goal is to offer the market high quality and flexible products at an unprecedented competitive cost.

The core product is a set of patented algorithms that do highly accurate real-time warping and edge-blending of multi channel projection onto curved and double curved screens.

The software runs on standard PC hardware and allocates just minimum of the resources available with literally no added processing latency. The software is designed to run on the same computer hardware as the image generation software itself, thus keeping the investment cost and associated maintenance cost at a minimum. The interface to the image generation software is achieve through industry standard API’s.

The set-up and calibration of the projection system is made extremely simple by the introduction of a totally new approach to the challenge of making a multi channel projection system geometrically correct and seamless. No longer is a specialist needed to achieve an impeccable display. The system itself leads the operator through a checklist which consists of straight forward point and click actions by the mouse on the screen, quite similar to the alignment procedure of an iPhone.

In addition to first class products, Univisual Technologies Nordic AB takes a lot of pride in providing swift and professional responses to all requests.

“Our vision is to change the VizSim Industry”

Robert Malmström Managing Director and co-founder

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