Certified Warpalizer Installer

Certified Warpalizer Installer

Univisual Technologies now offer courses to become Warpalizer Installer Certified. The training takes place at the Univisual head office in Stockholm where we have a demo center with curved screens and different projector setups.

Here is an overview of the course plan:

GUI overview
Get to learn your way around the Warpalizer GUI.
– Set number of channels
– Edit warping, edge blend and overlap
– Save, Load, Undo, Redo
Quick Setup
Show how the click procedure in Quick Setup works.
Fine tune
Get to know all the functions for fine tuning the
warping meshes and edge blend meshes.
– Move row, column, all
– Change control point.
– Press Shift to get higher precision with both
keyboard and mouse.
Single view warping
Explains the difference between 2D content warping
and single view warping.
Multi view warping
Show a Warpalizer setup with a three view setup.

Add edge blends
Shows how you add new edge blends and what they
can be used for.
AutoLineUp (ALU)
Setup a ALU system with two cameras and get to
know how you create a ALU-setup.
Tips and tricks
– Select a channel from the SetupWindow
– Change mesh with keyboard
A quick walk through of the WarpalizerConfig.xml
Black level
Show how you add black level compensation areas
in DesktopWarpalizer.

For more information contact:

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