Warpalizer now with Auto Line Up module

Warpalizer can now be equipped with a Auto Line Up module that can automatically line up the projector image at start up and in run time. This function can also be used to do the line up in run time in a small area on the screen to compensate for that most projectors move the image when heating up for up to one hour after start up and up to 2 pixels.

Small arms simulator with 360 degree cylindrical screen

Univisual Technologies has delivered and installed our software Warpalizer at MSE Weibull in Sweden. Warpalizer is here used to create a seamless 360 degree screen with 6 projectors connected to a single PC. No special hardware is needed and there is no latency added from the warping and edge blending of the projector images. This video was shot when Warpalizer was installed and set-up but before the view panning had been connected to the motion tracker.