3 Channel Flight Sim in Canada

Univisual Technologies are happy to announce the latest installation of Warpalizer for this Flight Simulator in Calgary. They where very happy with the easy set-up with Warpalizer “we got everything setup really quick and it looks FANTASTIC!”, David Clements, President at SUMMIT Inspection Services Ltd, CanadImage

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New Android app for wireless control of Warpalizer client

Univisual Technologies has now released our new Android app for wireless control of Warpalizer client. This is a great tool for setting up multi projector systems in short time and for fine tuning.


This video shows a short presentation of the Android app functionallity

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6 FullHD projectors from single PC on 25 foot curved screen

This installation at the Digital Art Center in Sweden (Kista) Univisual Technologies designed the screen and projector settings and used our software Warpalizer to create a seamless windows desktop with 6 FullHD projectors connected to a single PC.

3 meters high and 7 meters wide screen projected with 6 FullHD projectors

In the beginning of the first video you can see the Warpalizer warping and edge blending function turned off and then on again and then the new Warpalizer Andriod App for wireless warping setup.

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